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Ladyfinger Origin Story

the origin story of ladyfinger

“A Ladyfinger is a dry, egg based sugar biscuit, roughly shaped like a ladies middle finger.”

Artwork by Venus Libido

Artwork by Venus Libido

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the LADY behind the FINGER

In one form or another the superhero origin story has been around for millennia: A heroine battles supernatural forces and returns from this mysterious adventure with the dynamism to bestow boons on her fellow womankind. Superhero origin stories show us not how to become super but how to be heroes. (Wearing a wig, thigh-highs or bra is optional.) #dontbealadybealegend

Like any superhero origin story our Elizabethan heroine, LADYFINGER, endured life-altering experiences, causing her transformation: The typical forces that we can all relate to; destiny, chance, trauma and epic amounts of nonsensical drama. In her story she had to break her own heart, set herself free and become her own hero. Pain shapes a woman into a warrior. And as such, her heart grew strong: Strong enough to break all the backstabbing knives thrown at it with the fierceness of an Amazonian warrior and the gracefulness of Marie Antoinette; bestowing her with a fearless middle finger and the superhuman capacity for empathy, one of the greatest powers of all. #freedom

Here at Ladyfinger Lounge, we empathize with every woman who has ever been lied to, bullied, harassed, threatened, intimidated, isolated, minimized, objectified, victimized, terrorized, traumatized, betrayed, degraded, devalued, discarded, triangulated, denigrated, manipulated, controlled, shamed, wrongfully blamed, slandered, gaslighted, cheated on, used, accused, emotionally abused, mocked and criminally stalked; all by the very same person saying “I love you”. #ifmywoundswerevisible

Every superhero has an arch-nemesis. Ladyfinger’s is the NARCISSIST: Evil villains who lust for attention, power and control. Cowards, who hide behind a mask of superiority. Users, who view others not as human beings, but rather as tools or means to an end. Frauds, who have no compunction about harming innocent people to protect their false persona. These are the real life monsters (disguised as human beings) that Ladyfinger abhors. It’s unladylike to call names, but when it comes to narcissists, calling them out is really a matter of survival for those dealing with their abuse. #powertools

Like any good story, the sagas of superheroes bring us out of ourselves and connect us with something larger than ourselves, something more universal. At Ladyfinger Lounge womankind band together as a community. Here beauty is an expression of a woman’s freedom to be her most authentic and incredible self. At Ladyfinger Lounge we celebrate everything it means to be a ladylike, feminine and female. A place where women celebrate women. A place where fierce, fragile and fashionable females fancifully muse over the art of afternoon tea. A place where women can literally and figuratively ‘spill the tea’. No inhibition. No judgement. Just compassion and love. #womensupportingwomen

At Ladyfinger Lounge the genuine care and comfort of our guests is our highest mission. The tea room, born out of love, not only serves up savouries and sweet treats, but also awe-inspiring beauTEA, positiviTEA, hospitaliTEA and femininiTEA with a side dish of nudiTEA (fine artworks tastefully displayed on the walls that is). #lovely

It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you. And as such, one of the defining features of a superhero is an over-riding mission to serve the larger world and to defend it. Which is why Miss. Ladyfinger (actually the real identity of our heroine) advocates for victimized women in the community and does charitable work to help support the mission of the Woman’s Crisis Center to end domestic violence. #stopdomesticabuse

In closing Miss. Ladyfinger would like to thank her middle finger for sticking up for her and to offer a friendly reminder that self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time. #ladyfinger

And so you ask: Who is the secret identity of Miss. Ladyfinger?!

The world may never know…