Garrison Inn
Newburyport's boutique hotel
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Garrison Inn frequently asked questions

Our downtown landmark hotel has been symbolic to Newburyport’s rich history and culture since its construction in 1809, named in honor of the great American Abolitionist, William Lloyd Garrison.


Frequently Asked Questions

Even before you arrive, Garrison Inn is at your service. Simply contact our dedicated staff, and we will address your questions with the vigilance you'd expect of a personal assistant and the passion you'd expect from family.

Is there parking? Yes, and it's free. We'll get you a parking permit when you check-in and direct you to our private off street lots.

Do you have an elevator? Yes.

Is Wi-Fi available? Definitely, and it's free.

How do I purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE? Click here or call us for personal assistance.

Is breakfast included? It sure is! We serve an extraordinary full hot breakfast to our guests in residence. Gluten free options can be requested.

Where is the pool and fitness center? The YWCA is located across the street from the hotel. As a guest of the Garrison Inn you are allowed complimentary access. Just show your room key.

Are dog's allowed? In what rooms? Yes. For an additional $30/night we would love to welcome your dog in any of our rooms.

Do you have room service? We have a 24-hour beverage room service menu featuring a selection of champagne, wines, teas and coffee.

Is there a refrigerator in the rooms? Yes. Each room is equipped with a mini-fridge.

Do you have roll-away beds? Yes. Cots can be requested for an additional $30/night.

Where is the ice machine? It is located on the lower level of the hotel.

Who was William Lloyd Garrison? DId he live here? He was a fearless Abolitionist. Please visit our History page link above for a brief overview of this incredible man, and the history of the building.

How old is the building? It was constructed in 1809. Please visit our History page link above for a brief overview of this fascinating structure.

Is the Hotel haunted? It is if you want it to be :)

Is there a restaurant or bar on site? Not yet...but thank you for asking! We are excited to announce the coming of our food and beverage program in 2020.
WOLFE TAVERN wine cellar… VOLUPTUOUS, intimate, wine and charcuterie bar. COMING SOON!
TEA NOIR champagne bar… A grown-up GLAMOROUS and effervescent tea room. COMING SOON